About Us

Our main purpose is to get our readers to news in and off the campus, we would like to inform, entertain and interpret. We help students become well-informed as we provide news in campus, sports, facts and opinion columns. We also feature campus events and critics’ corner

Who we are

The University Echo is an independent newspaper for student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Our stuff – from writers, editors to the management – consists of entirely University of Tennessee students. We sort out the writers and editors o the future generation thoroughly in order to be able to give an outstanding achievement in publishing in the future too. We also support those young students who would like to contribute to our newspaper therefore we open opportunities where they can show us their talent in writing, designing, taking photos, and editing. We are always glad to meet fresh talents who are willing to work in an industrious way in order to improve and join us later.


How the newspaper works

When the academic year ends our management determines and writes the budgets for the next year of the University, later on the budgets are discussed and after approval we plan the next year’s tasks and facilities. Later on throughout the whole academic year we keep the budget tightly so as to have enough capacity for everything we have planned.

How we work

We are keen on writing and are enthusiastic in working in order to keep our readers being informed. We search the topics very thoroughly so it is always worth watching the site. We look after and find all the important news about the university life and we are also glad to read about the students’ opinions so they are encouraged to write letters to the editors and leave comments on the issues. We welcome those suggestions and advice which can help us developing the newspaper, and therefore we are happy to receive ideas for topics to be written if our audience is interested in them. We read all the letters check the tips and ideas, and if they are arresting for other students we will write about them or we will ask the student who has submitted the tip to write about it. So if you have some ideas do not hesitate but to let us know about it and we can discuss the project!


What we do

The University Echo is not under the oversight of University of Tennessee’ administration so the content is fully made by student photographers, writers, artists and designers while the opinion pages are open to our readers where they can answer to our questions, or quite to the contrary they can ask us about topics or can suggest what we should write about. Also we are open to publish the students’ articles – these must be sent via email to our editorial office, we read them through and if needed we edit them.

Please note that we reserve all the rights to edit the articles for style, grammar and space.