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4 Ways To Boost Your Business Heading Into 2018

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Growing your business is a never-ending task to do. It’s painstaking especially when the year is about to end. Yes, the days are fast approaching now and you may be thinking how to boost your business in 2018.

Although you have worked hard this year and you deserve the break you need, you probably think if you really deserve it. Because when we talk about priorities, planning for the coming year is more important than relaxing. But you don’t need to worry that much as this article gives you the best advice in boosting your business. Here are the tips that business leaders teach so you’ll get to the peak of your success:

Evaluate Your Performance

Before you head to the next quarter of the business year, ensure to evaluate your performance. You need to check your numbers so you know the trend of the current financial year. It’s one of the bases you can use as it helps you to see what’s lacking and what gives you profit.

Once you identified your numbers, evaluate your work experience. Sometimes, it’s the reason why the entire company is not meeting its goal. Work experience can mean your relationship with your team or your capability to run the business.

Use Your Competitor’s Best Features

After you check the internal aspect of your company, it’s time to check the competition. You need to understand how your competitors position their company so they can stay on the spot they are right now. Then, you analyze if you can apply it to your company and if the team can perform it better.

You can also improve the features and enhancing the benefits so you can win more customers so you’ll gain more profit.

Listen To Your Customers

Listen to your customers but don’t execute everything. You need another set of eyes to know that you’re not providing customer satisfaction. Your customers’ feedback matters. However, not all feedback matters. You must still consider the vision of your company and how you want it to be positioned among your competitors.

Your customers want you to provide that the competition give. However, if you allow it to happen, your company will be the same like the others –uniqueness still matters.


Customer Service

You have experience brand loyalty when your customers have been using your service or product for years. They even write reviews and generously use words that bring you up to the pedestal. The truth is that when they love your brand or your service, they mean and they’ll brag it.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, it doesn’t work that way. When they hate it, your business is over. So, ensure to love your customer the way they treat your product or service. Always remember that they are the reasons why your company increases its profits. Always provide an excellent customer service. It’s one of the best reasons why they’ll prefer to stay for years.

The Disney Podcast Boom

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Podcasts are on the rise these days and one of the most popular are those from Disney. One of the rising topics for podcasts in the last few years is on the subject of Disney World. It’s easy to see why this is a hot topic given that Disney World is the most visited place on Earth, there are always new attractions on the horizon and it’s just fun to talk about. The economics behind it is easy to see, but you may be wondering what some of the best ones out there to help you learn more about podcasting itself and perhaps even you may be looking to learn some more about this interesting niche are. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best Disney podcasts.


Capture The Magic

Capture The Magic is a new podcast that is quickly growing and gaining a reputation as one of the best podcasts about Disney World. They cover the latest Disney news and rumors, but they also discuss things like trip tips, travel reports, movie reviews, history of Disney and more. It is a great listening experience and they now also produce shirts and have what is arguably the best backpack for Disney World you will find out there today. 


WDW Radio

Lou Mongello has established himself as a one-man Disney empire with WDW Radio. He has gained a reputation for being a Disney, answer man. From information about where to get a $5 snack in the Magic Kingdom to Russia not being included in the EPCOT World Showcase, Lou has all the answers.

Lou Mongello’s dedication to the show has made WDW Radio one of the best Disney podcasts. He does his best to research about the subject for the show weekly and deliver it with a consistently positive attitude. He enjoys interacting with fans, and hosts weekly live shows. He also organizes “meets of the month” where you can meet him in Disney World.



Moustalgia is a Disney podcast that features an interview with past and present Disney employees and celebrities providing you a behind-the-scenes look at the happenings in the world of the mouse. Hosted by Dave Breiland, one of the best things about Mousetalgia is their unapologetic “geekdom.” They talk about different things such as standing in line for an autograph from Ken Page or about Imagineering’s last feet; it is their passion for all things Disney that makes Moustalgia one of the best Disney podcasts. They have interviewed a lot of guests who have revealed a lot of weird facts about Disney.


Disney Movie Review

From the name itself, you will already have an idea of what the podcast is all about. The show is designed for lovers of Disney movies. It delivers the latest news on the world of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. It also features interviews with some of the people behind the Disney movies that we know and love.

These are just some of the best Disney podcasts that you can listen to during your free time. The good thing about them is that you can listen to them at your own time.

How Amazon Is Crushing Local Stores

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How Amazon Is Crushing Local Stores

Nowadays, most people when they think of making a purchase, think ‘let’s check on Amazon to see if they have it!’ and most likely, they do. While for many people, the convenience that is offered with shopping on Amazon, as well as the low prices, is a much-needed relief for those who don’t favor or can’t afford conventional shopping, for small business owners, Amazon is running their livelihood into the ground.

So while many people are enjoying free two-day shipping, their purchasing habits are making small, family-owned stores run out of business.

small business owners are affected by Amazon

Why Is This Happening?

Most small business owners rely on the local market to need their store as much as they need the customers. When a local business offers a good product at an affordable price, the locals will make that store a staple in their shopping day, as it is more honorable to support local shops and sometimes more convenient to shop local than to go to big chain stores.

Shopping local usually offers a much-needed sanctuary for many people, especially for those who hate the atmosphere of big stores, such as people with social anxiety. Smaller stores are usually not as crowded or in your face as bigger stores on the market, which can make it a lot easier for people to shop.

Yet, to stay financially solvent, smaller shops sometimes can’t afford to offer their products at hard-to-beat prices. And since consumers are conditioned to shop at big box retailers anyway, trips to the local shops become less frequent.

However, with the surge of items available on Amazon, especially with their programs such as Amazon Now, which delivers products within a couple hours, and their Prime Membership, which delivers a product with free two-day shipping, it is taking the business from small business owners to people who would rather just stay at home than go out shopping.

Who Is Being Affected?

Well you can imagine things like your local dumpster rental company and other heavy duty types of businesses are not being affected by Amazone but specialty stores like toys or hardware to be affected by the overtaking of the market by Amazon, it is also affecting small town grocers who are being replaced with a service that will literally deliver food for you called Amazon Pantry. It seems no one is safe from the takeover of Amazon, and it is killing local stores who rely on their regular customers to survive in the market. One market that is being affected is the local sporting goods store that used to be a staple in communities. Used to when people needed things like wrist wraps for lifting weights and/or bodybuilding knee wraps they would find those at their local store. Today people typically go online or more often than not head to Amazon to find these products. 

how to help small businesses thrive in the current internet marketing trend

How Can I Help?

The biggest way to help out with small businesses who are struggling because of Amazon is to shop locally. Instead of ordering something from home and waiting a couple days, go visit your local mom and pop store and get the item immediately. You won’t have to pay for shipping, and you can rest easy knowing that you are helping them stay in business.

Another good reason to shop locally is that local stores are generally better to their employees, and you can be sure when you shop locally that the products are not unethical in any way and that their employees and managers are well taken care of.

So, click out of Amazon and spend some quality time looking at your local businesses and figuring out which ones will suit your shopping needs the most. Your local store will thank you.