Quitting Work: 5 Signs That You Should Do It

They are like an urban legend. Everyone says they know someone who was at the height of success in his work and one day, for no apparent reason, he left everything to change his life. It is that a great majority of people are unhappy with their work-life, but taking the step is not so easy.

This article is for those who are clear that work-life is not about following routines and waiting for Friday to have fun, but rather involves a continuous process of redefining goals and strategies.

Therefore, we help you identify the five main problems that you could be experiencing in your day-to-day.


1. Your office is hell

The most obvious and least controversial motivation is to escape a toxic work environment, either because of your relationships with colleagues or with the boss himself.

Everyone indeed has a bad day but another thing is that that feeling becomes an everyday thing.

Is going to work as a source of negativity? Be careful, it is one thing to be lazy and another to feel that the day will be insurmountable. Don’t hesitate, start evaluating your options.


2. We all look for our beloved leader

Your boss may treat you well, be fair, and value what you do, but is he the kind of leader you’re looking for? A leader outlines the objectives to be achieved, defines how to achieve them, and marks the role of each subordinate in that master plan. That is what is called the leadership style.

If you do not feel comfortable or too identified with the style of your boss, perhaps it is time to look for a new leader who will make you grow as a professional as you deserve.


3. You are not interested in your work

If you feel that you are not learning anything or that it is not a challenge, changing your job is a more than logical option.

One thing is that it does not involve any effort to carry out your work, a sign that you master your functions and another that you realize that you have begun to do it automatically, which makes you feel the feeling of professional stagnation.

You want and must be in a company that allows you to grow both personally and professionally. Changing jobs and entering territories that involve learning new skills is very motivating, and feeling that you bring fresh ideas and a new vision will boost your self-esteem.


4. This company does not represent you

Working for a company whose culture you don’t feel identified with can have negative consequences. You do not need an extreme conflict for the business culture to be unbearable, it is enough that it is a company very focused on results, which usually end up producing demotivation and wear Or, simply, do not allow conciliation at a time in life when it is essential to you.


 5. You feel capable of doing greater things

Stagnation within an organization is one of the most common causes for someone to consider a change of scenery.

You estimate that the “real you” does not emerge in your work and that the skills you use daily are not the ones you are most proud of. In short, you perceive yourself wasted as if the machinery of your company does not allow you to advance or offer you opportunities for professional growth. You are wasting energy in a company that will never recognize and reward your dedication.