Study for The Future: 3 Careers Related to Technology

It is no secret to anyone that robotics and artificial intelligence are a palpable reality in industries and companies. To ensure a place in the labor market, a good option is to choose one of the technology-related careers and have the knowledge that is and will be most demanded by employers.

Most of the careers that have a very clear and competitive future, when we talk about a job opportunity, are those related to management and processes administration, human resources management, also design and software creation.

Therefore, so that you are much clearer about the real options you have in terms of professions for the future, we have prepared a list of the technology-related careers with the greatest projection in the world.


1. Computer Network Engineering

More and more small and medium-sized companies are betting big on the control and administration of their businesses through computer networks.

This is due to the positive results that we see in companies in the market, since thanks to technology the usual tasks of an organization, regardless of their size, are simplified and automated. Lowering operating costs and giving the company greater visibility with its customers.

An engineer in Computer Networks is mainly responsible for the design, maintenance, and monitoring of computer networks in various sectors of the production area.

For example, it is very common to find them in telecommunications and network companies, performing different tasks such as applying, interpreting, and enforcing computer regulations and permits for the correct internal operation of the organization.

Also, by studying this career, you will learn about systems management and programming languages ​​or electronic devices. Having the necessary knowledge to design, develop, implement and keep all computer infrastructures updated.


2. Marketing

Technology has surpassed many of the physical and mental capacities of humans and, therefore, many of the careers that exist today will disappear. However, there is something that even artificial intelligence has not been able to emulate: human creativity.

That is why careers related to creativity are completely safe and for many years they have been highly sought after and appreciated by the labor market.

Marketers are in charge of identifying the needs and desires of the general public, to turn this lack into a business opportunity that benefits both individuals and companies.

As a student of this career, you will spend a lot of time researching various market factors to find sectors of the population in need.

And once found, you will design, create and supervise the promotion of a product or service that meets this need.

You will learn concepts and techniques of sales and effective communication. Also the most effective networking methods in the business world.

His relationship with technology extends to the entire creative process within an advertising project, such as designing and using electronic devices.

Within the careers related to technology, the Marketing profession is one of those that is always kept up to date, which is available to simplify its communication processes with the public and also to improve and accelerate its results for the survival of the company.


3. Digital Animation Design

Within communication, advertising, and related media, Digital Animation Design has gained weight, value, and demand.

Companies of any size and area rely on these types of strategies to achieve various business objectives.

By studying this career you will learn the basic skills and the most important factors that contribute to the effective communication process.

In addition to the structures and design rules, which will allow you to create the best campaigns and commercial projects.

It is a profession with a very close relationship with technology and electronic devices, where the Digital Animation designer uses the best resources, such as computers, software programs, and gadgets to conceptualize ideas, develop them and take charge of the digital post-production of many projects.

More and more companies will require the services of Digital Animation designers to materialize ideas and concepts about art, marketing, and visual communication.